There Are Reasons Your Book Isn't Selling... Do You Know What You're Doing Wrong?

Is ​Smarter Authors Right For You? Find Out!

​Hi, I'm Jim Kukral,

​Author of ten-books, Founder of the Author Marketing Club (Over 30,000 members) and co-host of the Sell More Books Show (over ​650 thousand listens and 230+ shows).

The #1 question I get asked is, "Jim, I love the Sell More Books Show, and the Author Marketing Club is amazing, but do you offer personal marketing/consulting to help me figure out my author business?" 

Until today, the answer was no. I’ve always aspired to build a program like ​Smarter Authors. It has taken years to figure out what made sense to put in it, then find the trusted resources, partners, tools and information to include. Then, on top of that, I decided that the only way I was going to go forward with this was if I over delivered in a big, big way. I truly believe I’ve done that with this program.

There are too many “experts” out there who are more than willing to take your money and not provide anything of real value, and I certainly am not willing to put my name behind something that I don’t feel is powerful and useful and of great value. ​Scroll down and learn more about everything that is included in this program and decide for yourself if this is something that you wish to invest in to accelerate your author business.

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What Some Of Our Clients Say...

Ed Teja
Smarter Authors Customer

"Getting things on track is a slow and sometimes painful process, but for the first time I have a strategy and feel that I have not only the information I need to measure it's effectiveness, but the knowledge I need to adapt and tweak it going forward."

Kirt Manecke
Smarter Authors Customer

"Thanks to Jim's advice pointing out the proper categories on Amazon, I've increased sales for my books. Jim showed me how categories work on Amazon and now I finally understand their importance - learning this alone is worth the price of Jim's excellent program."

David Kempf
Smarter Authors Customer

"I have been an author for over ten years but I have never gotten results like these. On a more personal level, Jim was always available and believed in my project from the beginning."

​Your Book Isn’t Selling? It’s Time To Figure Out Why & Fix It

​Are you an author who has a book or a series of books on the market that just isn't selling for some reason? ​Don't you wish you just had someone with experience who could point you in the right direction and give you the basic tools and services you need to have a successful author business?

​The ​Smarter Authors program is built to help you figure out what you’re doing wrong and fix it. Then ​put you on a course to having the opportunity to sell more books.

(Or two payments of $348) - PayPal or Credit Card Accepted

What Exactly Is In The ​Smarter Authors Program?

​Everything you need to accelerate your author success story, all in one mega package.

Jim Kukral Strategic One-On-One Book Marketing Consultation ($999 Value)
In this private consultation we'll talk about your book(s) and identify the main issues holding it back from success. Usually, an author is doing most of the basic things wrong. We need to identify and fix those issues if you're ever going to have a chance at success.

What Will We Discover On The Call?

  • Best-Seller Competition Research - Compare your book to the top selling books in your genre
  • Keywords & Categories - Let's see if your book is using the right keywords and is targeted in the right categories
  • NEW! Complete new cover re-design or tweak of your existing cover
  • NEW! Set up your first Amazon AMS ads for you
  • Talk about marketing you have already done and what you should be doing
  • ​In general, we'll see what you're doing wrong and put the actual fixes in process to correct the issues

Lifetime AMC Premium Membership ($295 Value)
​All the tools and training in the Author Marketing Club Premium package, for life.

  • Full access to the Reviewer Grabber tool to find reviewers
  • Book Description Generator
  • Book Blog Widgets
  • AMC Masterclasses
  • AMC Academy Courses
  • AMC Live! Presentations
  • Much, Much More
Happy Book Reviews

GET MORE REVIEWS with the Happy Book Reviews Package  ($222 Value)
We'll research, find and contact over 100 reviewers for your book. These are 4-5 star reviewers who have recently left reviews on books similar to yours in your specific genre. Note: You'll also be included in the weekly Happy Book Reviews email sent to hungry readers looking to review books.

Best Page Foreword

Best Page Forward Book Description ($297 Value)
You will receive a brand-new, professional book description to go along with your stunning cover and award-worthy book. In addition, you will get a Facebook Ad version of your description copy, as well as the text for 5 Amazon Ads. With a new description, Facebook Ad, and Amazon Ads, you’ll be able to send higher converting traffic to your sales page or your mailing list!

KDP Rocket Software ($97 Value)
KDP Rocket is an easy to use software that helps authors understand their book market/niche better, figure out how hard the competition is, how much potential money exists, what words your target market is using and a whole lot more. Jim will train you on how to use it.

Author Ad Network Promotion ($129 Value)
​Looking to reach thousands of readers and gain massive exposure for your book? Your book will be featured on over 8 book websites. Your book will also be promoted to the following readers (not authors) across social media:

  • 100,000 Facebook Followers
  • 200,000 Twitter Followers
  • 10,000 other Social Media including Pinterest, Instagram and Google+
  • Over 20,000 email subscribers across all sites

​Private Bookfunnel Giveaway Landing Page
​We'll create your very own custom Bookfunnel landing page you can use to give away copies of your book. Use it for ARC reviews, or to distribute to your street team.

J. Thorn's "The Author Success Method" Course ($499 Value)
​​The Author Success Method will take you from amateur to pro while avoiding many of the most common mistakes. Learn how to leverage a mindset to produce work that sells, publish on a regular basis, serve a hungry market, develop life-long readers, take advantage of emerging mediums, and more.

Synthetic Audiobook Creation ($299 Value)
A Synthetic Audiobook is a text book turned into an audiobook produced by computer generated voice technology. Avoid the cost of hiring a human narrator and have your book produced in audio form in days (or less), not months! Use the book as a giveaway on your website or sell it direct to listeners. Check out the samples here.

Business Around A Book Consultation ($497 Value)
Primarily for non-fiction authors, this strategy will help you focus on how to build a business "around" your book. If you have a fiction book we can talk about ways to do that as well. 

Book Cover Redesign Or Tweak! ($499 Value)
Does  your book cover need updated? Or maybe it just needs a few tweaks to get it right? We'll redo your cover for you so that it grabs a reader in an instant and gives you a much better chance at selling more books!

Amazon AMS Ad Setup & Instruction ($399 Value)
It's time to start advertising on Amazon. We'll help you set up your first ads and walk you through it so you know how to do it on your own!

Over $4,231 Worth Of Value For One Low Price!

(Or two payments of $348) - PayPal or Credit Card Accepted

​Fiction, Or Non-Fiction Author (I Can Help)

Books are books. At the end of the day, there are basic principles to having a successful book. Great title, cover, description and of course, marketing the book to the right audience, in the best way possible. It doesn't matter if you write fiction books about time traveling vampires, or non-fiction books about the stock market.

Do you know why your book isn't selling?

It's time to figure it out. I'll work with you to determine the opportunities in your book details and your marketing strategy. We'll look deep into your competition. Their covers. Their titles. Their descriptions. We'll examine what you've tried, and talk about what you haven't tried. Then we'll fix it.

  • ​Maybe it's as simple as you needing a new cover/title?
  • Maybe it's as simple as you are pricing it wrong?
  • Maybe it's as simple as you haven't tried marketing in specific way that is best for your genre and audience?
  • Maybe you don't have enough high-quality reviews?
  • Maybe, most probably, it's a combination of all of those things

​A Quick Summary Of Everything Included:

​​A one-on-one private consultation to discuss your book, plus research competitors and look up top keywords and categories for you book. Plus, guidance on the best marketing strategies you should be using.
​​​Lifetime access to the Author Marketing Club with all the tools and training that come with it.
​Your book promoted to the Author Ad Network program where you'll be featured on up to eight reader-focused websites. In addition, ​we'll research, find and contact over 100 potential reviewers for your book.
​​​Download KDP Rocket and get started with important keyword research as well as find the best categories and keywords for your AMS ads.
​​​​You'll receive a professional book description written for you by Bryan Cohen from Best Page Forward.
​​​​​You'll get your book converted into a Synthetic Audiobook. Plus a Bookfunnel powered landing page you can provide to ARC readers and reviewers.

Here's how the ​Smarter Authors program works

​Expertise + Tools + Training + Promotion + Services


​First Step: Access Everything In One Spot

​​Once you order you'll be directed to a private page to login to your dashboard where you will gain access to everything included in the program. As a lifetime member, you'll also get access to anything else we ever include in the program.


​​Next: Schedule Your Private Consultation

​On our call the first thing we will do is look at your book and your competition's books. Their covers, their pricing, how they market, etc... We'll talk about your book marketing so far and also do keyword research and in general, see what you're doing right, and what you're doing wrong.

Specifically, we’ll examine the following things:

  • ​Examine your cover, title, description, pricing, etc...
  • ​Dig deep into competing books in your genre. What are they doing right?
  • ​Talk about what marketing you've done, and what you haven't done. And much more!


​Want to hyper-accelerate your plan for author success?

  • ​How much were you planning on spending on marketing efforts that may or may not even work?
  • ​Do you have a strategy or are you just guessing your way through it all?
  • ​How much time are you wasting by trying to figure this all out on your own?
  • asterisk
    ​Do you even have any idea where to start?
  • asterisk
    ​Are you using the right tools and resources? Do you even know which ones exist?
  • asterisk
    ​Would you like somebody to help you figure it all out faster and help you make decisions?

​Frequently Asked Questions

​Question: Is this going to help me sell more books?
Answer: Avoid any "expert" who promises you'll sell more books. ​Smarter Authors will assist you in building a stronger author business, but at the end of the day, we can't, and won't, guarantee book sales.
Question: Can I just purchase what items I need individually?
Answer: Yes, of course you can. The cost would be over $4,200 however. 
Question: ​I'm on the fence. Convince me this will help me?
Answer: I understand this might not be something you can afford at the moment. My suggestion is to wait until you can. However, I'm confident that this program will help you get your author business going in the right direction.
Question: ​What if I'm not happy?
Answer: I will do everything I can to help you. However, due to the costs involved, and the time involved in offering this program, there are no refunds. 

"​I Had One Mission ​For ​Smarter Authors & That Was To Completely Over Deliver"

​Years ago I was invited to speak at the TED conference. I knew then that I had to over deliver on one of the best talks I had ever given. This is no different. ​Smarter Authors was built to provide real value and real assistance to authors who need a push in the right direction.



This is primarily a consulting service with tools, resources and training included. My time and expertise is what I'm offering, along with the software and services. I guarantee you will get my full attention for our time working together, and you will get everything that is promised in the program. I also guarantee I will do whatever I can to help you get on track with your author success story. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that you will sell more books. Anyone who promises that should be avoided. I am a consultant who happens to know a thing or two about the business of marketing and selling of books. I promise to give you my time and expertise and help you as much as I can, but those things cannot be returned.

What the ​Smarter Authors Program Isn’t:

  • I can't help you write your book, or edit your book, but I can help you find the best resource
  • I can't guarantee you're going to sell a ton of books
  • Although promotion is included in the program, there is no guarantee your book will sell

​Who Am I & Why Can I Help You?

​​When my first book "Attention" came out in 2010 I quickly realized that the marketing/selling of the book was all on me. It was then that I realized that millions of other authors had the same problem. So I used my 20+ years of online marketing knowledge to create the Author Marketing Club to help authors find ways to sell more books. Over the years I've created many other tools and training programs ​that also focus on helping authors.

​I'm A Teacher...

​I've taught thousands of students around the globe as an adjunct professor for the University of San Francisco Online Marketing Program. 

​I'm ​A Dad...

​I live in Cleveland, Ohio and I'm proud of my 20-year marriage and two beautiful children. 

​I'm An Entrepreneur...

​For over 17-years I've run my own businesses and supported my family. I know for sure what it takes to struggle and work hard to find success.

​I'm A Podcaster...

​​I co-host the Sell More Books Show with Bryan Cohen. A weekly, fast-paced podcast the covers the news about the business of selling books.

​And Of Course, I'm An ​Author...

​I've written ten-books with more on the way. ​I understand the struggle authors face to build an author business and market their books.


Are You Tired Of Courses & Classes? I Am!

Courses are great for learning, but at the end of the day, it’s about using the right tools, choosing the right strategies and getting hands-on guidance about how to increase your author business that really moves the needle and gets your book selling and your author business moving in a positive direction.

The ​Smarter Authors program isn’t coaching. It isn’t a course. It’s hands-on, guidance, research, advice, strategy AND services, tools, training and promotion. 

Did you ever realize that almost every person offering advice on building an author career doesn’t want to even talk to you? They want you to buy their course. They want you to sign up for their class. But get on a call and actually talk and work out what you should do? Nobody does it anymore, and that’s a real shame. Because that’s how you really get things done, and build relationships and partnerships that last a lifetime. That’s why that one on one guidance is such a big part of the ​Smarter Authors program. 

So let’s figure out how to build a stronger author business together. I look forward to working with you.


Is ​Smarter Authors Right For You?